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Medical Weight Loss/ Weight Management Program Information for Providers

Dear Healthcare Provider,

Is obesity a frequent source of problems among your patients but obesity treatment is not the main focus of your practice? We may have a solution for you and your patients. We are now offering obesity management services. Our Obesity Management Program was designed to help patients improve their long-term health and lose weight.

Our program was developed by Karolina Priebe, a Nurse Practitioner, who completed her certification in obesity management through Obesity Medicine Association -the largest professional organization in obesity medicine. Her program has been very successful. Karolina has now opened a lifestyle and weight management practice and offers her services to patients of primary care providers and other specialists within the Fairbanks area. The program provides patients with quality, research-based medical treatment options and is tailored to each patient’s needs. Nutrition, Activity, Medication and Behavior are the four pillars of the program. Karolina helps patients achieve their personal weight loss goals in a safe and medically monitored setting while optimizing their medication use to promote weight loss and weight maintenance. If indicated, FDA approved medications for obesity and weight management are used to help patients achieve their goals and stay on a healthy path.
Obesity presents many challenges for patients who are trying to lose weight. Research now shows that patients who receive proper care and supervision for obesity management lose more weight than those patients who attempt self-directed programs. Patients in our program are seen initially on a monthly basis and are provided with the necessary tools, education and medical monitoring in order to reach their desired outcomes. A medically-supervised weight loss program can help patients improve their chronic disease status as well as overall health and longevity. Our long-term program can help not only with weight loss, but can also enhance your management efforts of chronic medical conditions impacted by obesity.
As you know, obesity and obesity-related disorders have reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Obesity is now classified as a serious, chronic, progressive disease that often relapses and requires long-term medical management. We treat obesity in the same serious manner as other chronic diseases, and provide intensive therapy followed by a long term follow-up to prevent relapses.
We would love to help your patients who could benefit from specialized obesity management treatment. Our collaborative efforts can improve many lives and health of our Fairbanks area residents.
If you have any questions about our program, please contact Karolina at our office at (907) 371-1766.
To learn more about Obesity Medicine Association please visit their website at
***WE ACCEPT All commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare patients.***

Success Story of the Month

Meet one of our patients, a 42 y.o. female, who started her weight loss journey over a year ago. She established care with Karolina, our Nurse Practitioner, and has worked hard each month on her goals and lifestyle changes. Here is her story:

“I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life with lots of ups and downs. June of 2020 I weighted the most I ever have and decided I needed to make changes. To date I have a total loss of 66lbs. Now to maintain a healthier lifestyle. My journey to a healthier me is not over!”

We are proud of our clients who work hard on their lifestyle changes and we proudly celebrate their success with them.

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