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We all have different goals for our health and our bodies. Supplements are a way to “supplement” shortcomings in your diet and wellness. Whether it’s aiding digestion, supporting your immune system, optimizing hormone metabolism, or making up for nutritional deficits, supplements can boost your health in many ways.

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There are many reasons our patients seek supplements in Fairbanks at Revive Medical Spa. Many of them range in age and health goals; they find that they want added support for different types of health concerns.

Vitamins & Supplements

Treatment Details

What it Treats

  • Vitamin & Nutrient Deficiency
  • Fatigue
  • Poor Sleep
  • Digestive Health
  • Disease Risk
  • Chronic Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Weight Loss/Management
  • Athletic Performance

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Female and Male
18 or older



Why Try Supplements in Fairbanks?

Biote Nutraceuticals

Biote Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals are 100% Provider-approved to help support and enhance your health either alone or with hormone optimization. The Biote Pipeline of Innovation guarantees our nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals have been validated by 10+ years of data and clinical research, and that each product has been carefully formulated based on the best scientific discoveries, using the highest quality ingredients available. Now it’s easy for you to enjoy your best health year after year.

Pure Encapsulations

Pure Encapsulations has spent the last 30 years researching, innovating, and developing their comprehensive line of premium supplements. Every product is formulated with high-quality, pure ingredients backed by verifiable science and FREE FROM unnecessary additives and many common allergens. Everything you need and nothing you don’t – that’s goodness encapsulated.

What to Expect

The Supplements Process

Supplements Available for Purchase at Revive Medical Spa

We maintain a broad spectrum of both Pure Encapsulations and Biote Nutraceuticals in stock at Revive: Vitamins D3 and B12, Magnesium citrate, Zinc, Curcumin, OptiFerin-C, DIM SGS+, Omega 3 + CoQ10, Melatonin SR and MORE!

Pure Encapsulations Online Store

If we don’t carry what you’re seeking, you can find the entire Pure Encapsulations line here. All online orders receive an exclusive discount!

Biote Nutraceuticals Online Store

Save 5% from retail pricing when you order your supplements directly from Biote! Visit the online Biote store. You can even subscribe to regular shipments so you never run out!


Pre-Care Instructions

Before taking supplements, you should:

Consult with Your Doctor

Ensure the supplements don’t interfere with medications you’re currently taking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which supplements will work best for my needs?

To find the best supplement(s) for you, we can assess your goals and expectations during an initial, in-depth consultation. This process helps your provider match your needs with the right supplement(s).

Is a supplement the same as a vitamin?

No. Vitamins are a type of supplement. Other ingredients can be considered a supplement, like protein.

What is the most popular supplement?

The most popular supplement in Fairbanks is Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 naturally supports calcium absorption and retention within bones to promote optimal bone health. Vitamin D3 also supports colon health by promoting healthy cellular function.

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