Heather Pritchard, LMT

Heather Pritchard is a Licensed Massage Therapist.

She enjoys being a resource on your unfolding journey of wellbeing, meaning & fulfilment. Her work focuses on enhancing optimum physical and emotional integrity by combining compassionate presence with technically proficient therapeutic touch. Heather’s approach to rehabilitation includes the biomedical understanding that all soft tissue, given the proper stimulus, can improve. She blends knowledge of modern science with wisdom tradition practices of not knowing to give you an opportunity to turn inward & connect to your body’s innate capacity to heal itself.

Her massage therapy career began in 2001 in private practice and in a holistic chiropractic office. She gained clarity into how the body and psyche are continually informed by culture, society, and metaphysical beliefs through earning a BA from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Here she deepened respect for the unique intelligence & value of everyone. She is interested in the experiences and beliefs that shaped you, what needs tending, what inspires you, and who you are becoming.

Curiosity and adventure lead her to live nomadically for 12 years of international immersion in healing philosophies & wisdom traditions while bicycle touring, SCUBA diving, volunteering, hiking, and working as a massage therapist. In so far as “the Body Keeps the Score” depression, anxiety, and trauma are physiological processes for which massage is a valuable complementary intervention.

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