What are surgical scars?

Surgical scars can occur as a result of cesarean sections, orthopedic surgery, skin grafts and even cosmetic or plastic surgery. Invasive procedures like these often result in scarring on the skin. When your skin recovers from invasive surgery, skin cells work to make collagen in order to repair the wound at a quicker rate than your body’s natural collagen production. This results in a scar, which is an area of skin that is typically thicker and not as flexible as the rest of your skin.
The appearance of scars vary, depending on what they were caused by and how your body heals as a result. Scars may be flat, keloid, hypertrophic (raised) or depressed. They vary in size, shape and color. A scar can be a painful reminder of previous scenarios that we would rather not think about. They can also cause emotional discomfort if you are unhappy with their appearance. Keloid scars can proliferate beyond the boundaries of the initial skin injury and will often grow over time. They usually appear as thick, red or purple lesions. If they continue to grow, they can become tumorous, albeit benign. Hypertrophic scars are raised, reddish lumps on the skin. Unlike keloids, they do not grow beyond the boundary of the injured site.

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Since surgery is performed to fix a problem, it can be frustrating when a new issue arises in the form of a scar. Luckily, the appearance of surgical scars can be reduced with non-invasive laser treatments. At Revive Medical Spa in Fairbanks, we use the ICON laser system to address surgical and acne scars. To get started, give us a call at (907) 371-1766 or click Schedule Online button as noted above.

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