Crepey Skin

If you live in the Fairbanks area and you suffer from crepey skin, we use PDO smoothing threads and non-invasive laser treatment to treat your areas of concern.

What is crepey skin?

Crepey skin refers to a thin, crinkly, saggy appearance of the skin (similar to a piece of tissue paper or a crepe). This condition can occur when the body reacts to lower levels of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are natural proteins that allow the skin to stretch and contract. Crepey skin is related to the thinning of larger areas of the skin, both at the top layer (epidermis) and the deeper layer (dermis). It can take years to develop, but most people experience this concern in their 40s.

The causes of crepey skin

After age thirty, our bodies produce 10-20% less collagen and less elastin resulting in reduced moisture, firmness and suppleness. These unwelcome changes in our skin can result in deep sources of insecurity for many of us. In addition to age, crepey skin can also be caused by losing a significant amount of weight and/or sun damage. For many of our patients, crepey skin becomes a significant concern when it occurs under the eyes, on the neck and décolleté area because this skin is the most visible.
To address this concern, the team at Revive Medical Spa may use one or a combination of treatments at our clinic in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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